The 'New' Phillip

Submitted by: Cathy Secord

Phillip's Success Story

I remember when I was first introduced to Phillip. He was so exhausted, carrying all the extra weight. He was tired of not having the energy just to do day-to-day function. At 304, Phillip was ready to make a change in his life, ready for the challenging journey ahead. It is a pleasure working with Phillip. He began to 'self monitor' his food intake, learning good food choices, and realizing the importance of fueling his body on a consistent basis, and getting the most out of his calorie intake. Phillip became consistent with his workouts. He became stronger and more energetic. Instead of focusing on the weight he had to lose, he focused on being healthy, and adhering to a totally new lifestyle. Today at 224, Phillip is living a new life!! Phillip has kept his weight off for almost 2 years now and continues to maintain. So very proud of you Phillip!! You look awesome, I know you feel awesome, and most importantly you are healthy!! Congratulations on the 'new' you!!


Phillip Before


Phillip After