The Icredible Shrinking Lady

Submitted by: Jacob Rodriguez

Lily's Success Story

Lily came to me wanting to lose weight and in need of a meal plan. She was weighing in at 205 pounds and the only typre of exercise she would do was cardio on the elliptical and treadmill. She had plateaued with weight loss and needed training. Her food intake was too low as well. So, she started resistance training with me 3 days a week and did her low intensity cardio on days off from personal training. I made her a carb cycle meal plan and the fat weight started shedding off. She started claiming to have more energy, healthier, and was full of enthusiasm because of the fat loss. After a short 5 weeks she lost 20 pounds of fat. She is still training with me and still losing more fat as you read this. Her final product will be posted in a month or so.


Lily Before


Lily After