The first

Submitted by: Todd Altieri

Me's Success Story

The first and what I believe is always the greatest success story begins with the Self. That higher part of you that "knows" what success is. This was mine. I grew up under weight for most of my adolescent life. Early high school was my beginning picture and my after is still evolving even now. Having made such a transition over decades, I, at first glance, did not even realize I had a transformation to offer. I have remained fit for most if not all of my adult life. I was driven with enough leverage of early torment in my youth that my passion stirred a belief in my being that "total wellness" was to be my lifestyle. With that...I offer my experiece, knowledge, and wisdom to my clients into becoming their very own "master piece" to themselves. Michael Angelo was asked after he created his famous sculpture of "David", how he was able to develope such beauty...his response is the same I have for you. "David was already alive in the marble...I just chipped away the excess". David is in you...are you ready to sculpt your masterpiece? ~im


Me Before


Me After