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Our body processes sugar is efficient . Unprocessed sugar is converted to fat .

Lots of it . All our pills , diet shakes , programs , and even in the gym seven days a week will not make a dent in the problem

Are you one of those baby fat " muffin tops " ?

It is there in your life .


However , it should not really be called a sugar high?

How to Play Sugar and I lose weight by limiting sugar ? I always have my muffin top , or " thunder thighs ' or ' lose my big butt ?

Simply put, too much sugar can be deadly to us two things .

Second , the release of insulin and the insulin levels go too high when our body stops burning fat.

Let's make it simple

Is there:

Negative three facts we must face And Three facts we can embrace the positive Negative three facts One . We eat sugar, lots of it . It is in almost everything we eat . Two . Our bodies are far more efficient in its processing, storage of sugar as fat .Three . It is not how much weight we lose " weight of " we lose.

These are all our diets , diet plans , fast weight loss centers , associations of overweight , accountability groups , diet pills , shakes , spray , cocktail , tea , coffee , green , exotic berries exotic , hormone therapy , toys, fat loss , sports , ( whew ) and everything else marketers can think of next to nothing more than 'A temporary fix

Now that's some real negative to say !

Yes , but fortunately there are Positive three facts One .'s . Within 7 days you will not even think about it .

Two . We are finding more and more compelling ways to achieve a ' sweet ' without sugar. For example , natural and much safer than Stevia sweeteners and aspartame .

Three . Scientific breakthrough natural products currently on the market that are clinically proven to help the body process glucose , and insulin control without drugs " , or adverse effects .

What do we do ?

There is no neutral ground here . Are not moving forward is moving backwards . We do not do research recurrence. Not taking action adverse action because sugar is a ruthless enemy . It will not stop until we dumpy and dilated , depressed and defeated, deficiency and diabetes, or dead.


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