The Classic Workaholic!

Submitted by: John Paul Catanzaro

Kerry's Success Story

One of our greatest success stories deals with Kerry L. At 47 years of age, Kerry is the classic "workaholic"! He came to the studio in March at 242 pounds seeking to lose weight and improve his health, but I could not start with him until April because his blood pressure was too high and we needed medical clearance first. At our last assessment in August, Kerry weighed in at 195 pounds. In four and half months, Kerry lost a total of 47 pounds and his skinfolds dropped by 46%! His waist girth alone decreased by 23.7 cm (that's 9.5 inches!) In fact, he can now fit in size 36 pants. The last time he did that was Grade 5!

His blood pressure returned to normal, and get this, all his success was achieved without performing any aerobic work whatsoever! He is asked constantly: "How much cardio do you do a week?" And his answer is always: "None!" He appears healthy, muscular (I hate to use the word "toned") and strong not drawn, weak and loose like so many who simply diet (by dropping too many calories) and perform excessive aerobic work.

Kerry and his family left for a 3 week vacation to Europe. Before departing, he mentioned to me that it will be the first time that he can remember where he will not have to conceal his body with a towel on the beach or at poolside. Now that's what I call success!


Kerry Before


Kerry After