The Biggest Looser

Submitted by: Jesper Andersen

Kai's Success Story

Kai Hibbard from the TV show The Biggest Looser, Runner-up!
Anchorage Alaska

Jesper Andersen was my personal trainer during my at home time on The Biggest Loser. When the crash dieting techniques started to take their toll on my mind and body, Jesper stepped in as my personal trainer. The scale had stopped moving, I was overtraining and not eating correctly. Within a spam of two months Jesper improved my health, got the scale to move again and made me stronger.

Without Jespers training I never would have been able to lose the 118 pounds I lost to help me come in 2nd place on NBC. More importantly, without his training and skillful advice I would have been unable to keep the 118 pounds off after 5 years like I have. Jesper is truly the best trainer I have ever trained with, and I have had the opportunity to train with world-renowned trainers.