The best shape of my life!

Submitted by: Boo Sadikot

Diane's Success Story

For the last 3 years I kept saying, “I’ll get in shape and give myself a year. That should be plenty of time.” I felt like a broken record. When I chose the “I Want my body back” program I never dreamed it would really happen. I hoped it would but“

Thank you so much for giving me my body back! But more importantly, I am getting my health back.
My doctor is thrilled with my progress and the road to heart attacks and diabetes has been destroyed (well, with my family’s dismal history of heart disease and diabetes, let me tell you, I couldn’t be happier.)

Boo, from the first meeting with you I felt like, “Wow, this is a place that will really hold my feet to the fire.” You helped me identify the circumstances and the habits that were in my way and without the structure that Fitness Together provides I wouldn’t be as far as I am now.

When I first started I wrote down my 8 week goal to lose at least 8 lbs (1 lb a week seemed great). Well I lost 17 lbs!!! And 12 inches!!! And 2 sizes!!! My resting pulse went from 85 down to 74 and my recovery heart rate went from 120 to 100.

With the amazing training and support of Charles and Rob – their good humor and knowing I could do more than I ever thought I could – I’m on my way to REAL health.
I’m even tucking in my shirts, wearing belts and have given away almost ¾ of the clothes in my closet. I can even fit into my daughter’s jeans and she’s in great shape! I’m never going back again!

I did what you guys said to do – make your appointments, work hard, do your cardio and write down EVERYTHING you eat. I’m on my second Accountability Log and can’t believe how much I’ve learned about my eating behaviors. I eat (pretty much) anything I want (as long as I always count the calories) and now I can even eat one piece of candy and be satisfied.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. With a couple more months left on my program I know I will never go back to not being able to bend over to tie my shoes.



Diane Before


Diane After