I Lost 11% Body Fat

Submitted by: Staci Fiori

Christine McGaughy's Success Story

In 2008, I was 168 lbs in my swimsuit in Hawaii. I was so upset with myself. I felt unhealthy. I joined the West Sac Recreation Center in 2009. I started out just taking a few classes a week.

My favorite class was Staci's cardio lift class, because I felt like I was getting a total body workout. I am busy and couldn't commit to multiple classes every day. I also started a low carb lifestyle of eating and continued going every week to these classes. Staci always made me feel that no matter what age I was, or what weight I am, there is a fitness program perfect for me. I have lost 25 pounds and maintained the weight loss.

I started personal training with Staci in 2012, as now I have new goals since my weight is consitent. I wanted to build muscle and lose body fat. She taught me all the proper exercises to lose the body fat, tone muscles, in just 30 minute sessions. I am now 143 pounds and 24% body fat. Staci is truly amazing - she has an exceptional ability to help people be the best they can be!


Christine McGaughy Before


Christine McGaughy After