The Beauty of Meagan

Submitted by: Nikki Garriepy

Meagan's Success Story

My sister Meagan is one of those people who is truly happy in the company of loved ones. Growing up she never needed much, asked for much, or complained about much. She was quietly content and has always been one of the easiest going people on this planet.

One thing Meagan struggles with is putting herself first. She loves to please others so much that she forgets to take care of her own needs. She says she’s just lazy but I disagree. After over a year of living with Meagan, she is anything but lazy.

When Meagan first moved here after living in Hawaii and Massachusetts, she weighed 202 lbs and was quietly depressed. She never spoke up about this but I knew she was feeling lost and I wanted to help her. Meagan deserves to know what and incredible, beautiful, intelligent, and special person she is. Ever since she was born I saw it all in her, everyone did. It broke my heart to know she didn’t believe in herself the way we all did. It made me wish deeply that I had done more for her over the years and often prayed for the opportunity. In 2011, my prayers were answered.

Living with a hyper fitness guru and soon to be even more hyper toddler, Meagan’s home environment changed dramatically. My work depends on me being healthy, continually learning, and inspiring others. Good nutrition is essential. So that means we focus on eating clean and healthy. Box food is out, salads and prepared meals are in. This kind of meal structure was a big change for Meagan. At first she continued her eating habits mostly while I was away or while she was at work, BUT she was open to eating better and started preparing healthy meals right away. She also started biking to work and training here and there with me. It wasn’t long before her weight started dropping just from the dietary change alone.

At this point I have to say it was not important to me that Meagan lose weight. It was important to me that Meagan discovers her worth and her beauty. I let her decide if she wanted to make healthy choices. The amazing person she is has nothing to do with what she eats.

One year later Meagan now weighs 162lbs from making small gradual changes and consistently eating nutritious foods. Her clothes are falling off her and we need to go shopping so she can wear clothes that fit. The physical activity has increased while taking care of her toddler niece, participating in some strength training, and going for bike rides. At this point Meagan is ready to stay consistent with training and following a program I have designed for her. I’m truly excited for her to discover all of her athletic abilities.

The best thing about Meagan’s transformation is that it’s been a gradual journey. She wasn’t focused on being 162 lbs but she got there by committing to one change at a time. She didn’t put pressure on herself and she focused on taking in good nutrients and engaging in physical activities as often as she could.

I believe Meagan truly is happier now. I believe she is making amazing discoveries daily about her godly gifts, AND I believe this is only the beginning for the beauty of Meagan to come out and shine.


Meagan Before


Meagan After