That's My Dad Though

Submitted by: Dylan Tenebruso

Ed's Success Story

I'm proud to say that my very first client was my dad. I grew up knowing him as running the show as Vice President of companies. Same at home, he brought food to the table as well as toys and clothes and everything else. After 2001 things changed, and things took a turn for the worse. After a terrible divorce and thousands spent on lawyers and court fees, he was left feeling helpless and empty of any dignity or self confidence. He became very lethargic often eating massive amounts of food regardless of the calories or any nutritional value whatsoever as to fill a void. Which is very common to people with high stress, to compensate for the empty feeling by filling it with food. Unfortunately along with stress the body stays in a sympathetic mode in which the body suppresses the digestion of food. With that being said, he was rapidly gaining weight until the point where he had become extremely obese. His measurements came in at 6'2 and weighing 370 lbs he was about 40-42% body-fat.

Ed Tenebruso- I am more than pleased to recommend Dylan. The results I have personally achieved in less than 6 months are nothing less than absolutely astonishing. Down an unbelievable (still can't believe) 108.2 pounds, waist from a 56 to a 40 and a shirt size from a XXXL to a XL and usually just a large, all in 5 1/2 months. As if that wasn't enough, my stamina is once again though the roof. Just 5 1/2 months ago I couldn't even go for a walk. My strength and cardio have improved so dramatically that I have just added 3 physically demanding and challenging events to my bucket list all of which will be accomplished and completed within the next 3 months (3 months based on the dates of the events). Dylan is a great and passionate personal trainer. Through his extensive knowledge and expertise in this area, he was able to designed and implement a specific training program to all but ensure that I would achieve my goals. Every training session has always been positive and productive. On the few occasions where I have been less than motivated or enthusiastic to train, he's held the "carrot" right in my sites view to remind me what the goals are that I have set for myself. He gently demands, but demands non the less, my complete dedication. I remember him saying prior to one of the sessions early on that my goals were pretty much unrealistic, but If I gave him my complete trust and commitment, he would do whatever it took for me to realize the end result. How do you thank someone for giving you your life back? I'm proud to say,...Thanks son!


Ed Before