Thanks to Amy and her wealth of knowledge, I am healthy, lean, happier than ever, and toned!

Submitted by: Amy Hume

Robyn's Success Story

My name is Robyn and I am 38 years old. I have been on a diet on-and-off since I was 14. I have tried them all, and lost weight, only to gain the weight back, plus some. In the spring of 2013, I finally gave into my husband’s offer of a personal trainer. That is when we found Amy.

After our initial consultation, I had complete faith in her. She was going to help me with not only my fitness, but also to teach me how to fuel my body correctly. Not a cookie cutter diet and workout plan, but a plan and a goal that was specifically tailored to me, and I had never had that before.

She started me out slow, gaining a better perspective of my fitness level and had me keep a log of what I ate. Each week she would tweak my eating so that I was slowly incorporating healthier choices. She has showed me the correct proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to consume as fuel for my body. She also has me eat at certain intervals so that I never feel hungry or deprived; a new concept to this “dieter.” Amy has shown me how to change my ways about how I feel about food so that I make healthy, satisfying choices.

I will admit it. I do not like to work out. But it is a necessary evil in this weight loss process. Amy started me out slow so that she could gage my fitness level. Every session, she would use different types of stretches, strength, cardio, and some yoga and pilates moves. The sessions were always fun and different. She is very encouraging and I found myself excited about when we could meet again. She also measures various sites on my body and weighs me to check my process. She can also calculate my lean body mass versus the fat in my body. It is so much fun watching the numbers go down! One way that Amy is different, is that she has you work out and eat in a certain way so that you maintain your lean mass while losing the fat. It is truly not about what the scale says, but what your measurements are, that actually matter the most.

When I was on Weight Watchers, and I reached my goal weight (back in 2003), I was happy with myself. But my husband said “Yea, but you’re not toned.” Well, guess what. Thanks to Amy and her wealth of knowledge, I am healthy, lean, happier than ever, and toned! I cannot thank Amy enough. Amy is slowly releasing me out on my own, but I know that with the tools that she has given me, I will always be lean and healthy. Amy, thank you so much!