Thanks for helping me find ways to make me feel good about exercising

Submitted by: Machelle Lee

Edris's Success Story

My first acquaintance with Machelle Lee was at Borland, Machelle was the program director of a corporate gym. I used to participate in her classes 3-4 times per week. Talk about fun and great workouts with definite results. I was always amazed at how quickly those workouts went by. I have found no other instructor that demonstrates the same enthusiasm and passion. I am the type of person that needs encouragement to “push” myself. Machelle has a unique way of explaining the mechanics of my body to help me improve my form, as well as developing a nutritional plan to fit my personal needs. Now, tell me how many personal trainers go that extra mile? Machelle has been very consistent with her own mission and goals. I feel that she is true to herself by following her mission of “motivating individuals to achieve their personal goals” and has persevered with establishing her own very successful business. I enjoy working with Machelle because she definitely is dedicated and demonstrates her passion for finding creative ways of making me feel good about exercising.