Thank you Tim Haft, creator of Punk Rope

's Success Story

Tim Haft, President | Punk Rope, Inc. | 330 First Ave, 8E | New York, NY 10009 | | 646-654-0668

To whom it may concern:

I'm pleased to serve as a reference for Natalie Smith who I've known professionally since June 2009.

Natalie was a student at my all-day Punk Rope Certification Workshop where she distinguished herself as not only an excellent rope jumper, but also as a thoughtful and intelligent communicator. She completed the certification with flying colors.

Since then, Natalie has taught a number of Punk Rope classes and has been in constant communication with me about a number of issues including class design and marketing.

Natalie is a very dedicated and competent trainer and instructor who I'm confident will excel in a classroom setting. She asks very pertinent and astute questions and her responses, whether orally or in writing, are always clear, focused, and on point.

I recommend Natalie Smith without reservation.

Best wishes,
Tim Haft