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October 19, 2012

NAPS 2 B Fit - Customized + Fitness Programs
Natalie Smith - Certified Personal Trainer

Good Day~

I have known Natalie through business networking for the past 3 years and this summer had the privilege of working with her at our local famers market.

I watched her engage the young children with jump ropes; she was able to get them excited about jumping rope the correct way, and encourage healthy exercise. The children were laughing and smiling the entire time; they wanted to take her jump ropes home! Natalie possesses a natural and business approach to youth and older adults.

Natalie's commitment to health and fitness would be a great fit to assist teach a personal trainer course. A few of our business networking group have participated in her classes - all have complemented Natalie on her teaching skills.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions - 610-749-2129 X1300.

Regards ~

Susan Matthias
Branch Manager
Riegelsville Office

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