Thank you letter

Submitted by: Thomas Fusco

Stacey's Success Story


I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for having worked with you over the last eleven weeks. Although i knew I needed motivation to start getting back in shape, i never thought I'd really be excited about the thought of exercising. I can say that after having you as my trainer, I am excited about exercising and getting fit. You made me realize that exercising doesn't have to involve machines and long drawn out programs. Instead, you made me realize it's actually fun. I enjoy incorporating my kids when I don't have much time for myself and I love that I can use the steps in my house as risers or the painters tape in my garage to make an agility ladder. From the workouts you put together for us and the constant encouragement you gave s to push forward, i have a better sense of confidence that I can get back to my goal. You have a wonderful way of motivating and it is what really made me look forward to making it to class. My only regret is that i missed one class( and before i started, i had a lot of excuses up my sleeve as to why i couldn't go if i wanted to skip a day). That is a testament to your hard work and enthusiasm in working with me. I know that this class was mandatory for you, but it wasn't for me. I enjoyed every second, and I hoped you enjoyed our sessions as much as I did. I want you to know that it is because of you that my mind set has changed about exercising. the impact this will have on my life will be remarkable.

I thank you so much and i can only hope that many others have the same of having you "kick their butt."

I wish you nothing but the best in your future!