Thank You

Submitted by: Amanda Villarreal

Diana's Success Story

"I am 64 years old and began personal training with Amanda in June, 2001 and I have trained continuously with her for more than eight years. During that time she has shown me a great deal about exercise and nutrition.

When I first started with Amanda, I needed someone to help me get back into shape after a few years of neglect. Since I have arthritic knees, one of our goals was to strengthen those areas which would allow me to maintain and increase mobility. Also, my aerobic fitness has increased and Amanda has provided nutrition counseling as well. She has also provided pamphlets and other printed material on a variety of fitness and nutrition topics. I know that without this help, I would not have my present strength and range of motion that I currently have. I have had a weight loss of more than 80 pounds and my training has allowed me to increase my involvement as a martial arts instructor.

Training with Amanda is a pleasure because she knows how to motivate and her selection of exercises allows me to improve my fitness in many different ways.

The result has been a comprehensive training routine which has given me a route for my journey to better health. I have benefited greatly from my training with Amanda."