's Success Story

Dear Beau,

The best decision that I have made in 49 years for my physical, emotional and mental well being was on that day in May that I decided to pick up the phone and call Beau at CrossOver Fitness. I saw your ad for the first time and thought "interesting" and continued reading the paper. The second time I ran across your advertisement, I thought this really does not look like the "usual" get in shape and buy our prepared meal plan kind of program. So I picked up the phone and called with the expectation of getting a hard driving sales pitch from someone reading a script.

Instead of a "pitch" when I called and you answered the phone, I found myself in a 2 way interview. That of my interviewing Bodywork by Beau and you interviewing me to get a full understanding of my history, needs and goals. We discussed my right knee ACL replacement. We discussed my heart attack. We discussed my non-stop travel for my corporate job and the issues that I had from neglecting my health due to just not enough hours in the day. We discussed my dangerously high triglycerides of 1750-1900 that medication and my diet attempts would not control. We drilled down on my frustration of standing in front of audiences of 500+ people to "suddenly" stagger from my knee issues. And yes, we discussed my ever increasing waist size that matched my even greater loss of energy and reduced mental stamina.

At the end of our call, I made an appointment to come in to the clinic to "talk" in more detail and to do an evaluation. I had expected to come into your clinic and chat with some "muscle head" with an evaluation consisting of how many chin ups or push ups that I could do until I signed up for a "life time membership" with you to be able to do more in a few years. Man, was I wrong! The evaluations and interviews that I have had with my medical doctors in Beverly Hills California and Denver Colorado were no better and to be very honest they have never as detailed in consideration of my daily life needs. From this meeting you developed a nutrition and exercise plan that was customized to my hectic lifestyle and "quirky" food desires. We were off on the "mission" (as I say) with you as my coach and support. At this point of this letter, I must say a BIG thank you for taking my calls and text messages from every major city in this country to answer questions or to discuss an article that I just read on the plane on the heart, ACL or fitness in general. Yes, Bodywork by Beau does give that INDIVIDUAL and CARING attention that is so important for success.

I have now lost several inches off my waist. My triglycerides are in range without using ANY medications to control them. I can now run the Atlanta or Denver airports to catch a flight with no worry about the old knee ACL problems. I feel great and yes, LOOK FANTASTIC. I love it when people ask or say "what have you done?" , "you look awesome!", "you have changed so much" I even have people say that my skin (of all things) looks so healthy. But the BEST is: "THERE'S NO WAY YOU ARE FIFTY!" An even bigger plus is that my energy and confidence has returned after a long absence!

In closing, thank you for being a partner every step of the way! We have success! I have the tools and confidence to continue a healthy, successful and happy life. Please feel free to give my name to any of your clients or people inquiring about your services. I have never done an endorsement before, but I feel very strongly about wanting to help others find the way to the good health and fitness that you have guided me to achieving.

Warmest Regards,

Mark T


To whom it may concern,

I have struggled with my weight forever!!! My life has been a yo-yo of emotional highs and lows, and my weight has reflected all of them. Tired and hungry all the time, I walked into he gym looking for another answer. My main weakness was staying motivated. After talking with Beau I realized his knowledge and experience would be the key to my goal. Now I know I made the right decision. I am so glad I took the first step and hired Beau. I now look good and my energy level is so high. My family and my friends can't believe the difference. I feel Beau's motivation, knowledge and experience is what kept me on track and focused. Not only would I recommend Beau as a personal trainer, I would ENCOURAGE anyone who really wants to lose weight to work with him. I didn't do this by myself..... Thanks Beau!! I know I reap the rewards from both of our hard work but I also know without Beau I'd never made it.




Dear Beau,

After working out at the gym on my own, I realized my body was in no better shape than it was a couple of years ago. That's when I decided to seek professional help from a personal fitness trainer.

When we first met, I expressed concerns that I wanted to improve my overall health and not "bulk up". You responded that you would design a specific workout and diet program that would help me achieve my goals. I must admit, I was a little hesitant because I'd been to other male fitness trainers that would train women the same as they would train men. I've been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the results.

With your encouragement and coaching, I have learned that cardiovascular workouts along with proper diet are very important in maintaining good health and controlling weight loss. The weight training program you crafted for me has proven vital for muscle toning and firmness.

You have succeded in making my drive and desire to workout 5 days a week, a huge success for me. This has far exceeded my expectations.

I am hearing comments like "Mechiel, you're getting skinny". "Mechiel, what are you doing? You look great!" I respond with, "along with a lot of hard work and the personal assistance of Beau, I am now enjoying the benefits of working out."

I can tell you this, that if I continue to receive complements, I may have to take this to the next level.

Beau, thanks for the continued support!

Mechiel K.


I started with Beau with the thought that I would only spend about 6 months and try and get myself back into shape. I have been working out on my own for several years but really felt like I had reached a point where I was not making any progress, and getting older was not helping the situation any. I will mark my first year with Beau the middle of next month.

Thru a referral from a friend, I started working with Beau three day a week. Realizing, after all those years of lifting on my own, I was going at it all wrong. Beau started back to the basics with me and developed a "core strength" theory. One of the first things I realized after several weeks that my lower back pain had practically dissappeared. Beau contributes that to the strengthening of my core muscles.

Trying to build muscle strengthat 60 years old is easier said than done. Beau keeps me coming back week after week with a varied and intensive workout routine. With his knowledge of diet and proper nutrition he has helped me redesign my eating habits, and when combined with his expertise in trainng, I can see definite improvement in my physique and accomplishment of my goals.

I plan to continue with Beau not only because of what he has taught me but because he is a pleasure to be around. Always positive minded, he is more htan a personal trainer.

Mike B.


When I first met with Anthony "Beau" Beauchamp I weighed about 300 lbs, a type 2 diabetic on 6 different diabetic medications with a blood sugar level of aproximately 300. I was constantly sick all the time, run down with the side effects of diabetes. I had pretty much given up on my health.

I had met with Beau on the suggestion of my wife who was seeing him for weight loss. I must say that I was very skeptical but upon talking to him I was impressed with his medical knowledge and his use of technology. I decided to give him a shot and see if I could stick to something that might eventually work for me.

Almost immediately I noticed that my blood sugar that was uncontrollable was quickly coming under control to the point that I had to be taken off many of my diabetic medications because my blood sugar was crashing. Being that I have been diabetic for the past 18 years and never had low blood sugar, I found this pretty amazing and very positive.

Beau's guidance bu structuring a "food plan" made it extremely easy to stick to, and the results were in my immediately improved health.

The food plan was only one part of the equation. Beau's workout routines are very complete with an emphasis on total body. Beau also is very knowledgeable on how to get the most out of limitations, such as an instance where I had sprained my ankle (at home) and the workouts I believe actually made my recovery time very quick. Also there was a second instance where I had eye surgery and could not put any strain on my system (no bending over, do not pick up anything heavier than a carton of milk, no bouncing around etc). I believed that this would basically kill my workout but Beau designed a workout that was very intense and very safe for me.

I am now 50 pounds lighter and dropping, my endurance is up and my blood sugar is stable, my doctor is very impressed and my wife is very happy. I have an enthusiasm for working out which in the past I dreaded like the plague. My life is good and getting better every day thanks to Beau.

George D


I have known Beau for 4 months since beginning my scheduled daily training exercises. With his assistance, I have lost 6 lbs, but more importantly, I have increased my overall energy level, muscle-tone, and got rid of 2" around my waist. Beau keeps all exercises high-energy, fun, and very challenging. His vast knowledge of diet, exercise, and nutrition has contributed to my increased well-being and weight-loss . He is dedicated to seeing everyone succeed, and also holds you accountable for remaining "on course" with daily exercise and correct personalized nutrition. Personally, I have never been a runner and in past, making it to 1/4 mile was an effort. Now I am able to run 2 miles and my overall endurance has increased tremendously. I am proud of what I have achieved in such a short amount of time, as well as the lessons I have learned to continue on my "quest" for a healthier life-style.

Michelle L


I hadn’t felt good about my weight in several years and though I had a gym membership, I hardly ever went. My clothes were feeling tighter, my energy level was low and I just was very unhappy about my weight. It was frustrating to go into my closet full of clothes and try something on only to find out that it was very tight. I heard about Beau’s program from a friend and I decided to join even though it was very early in the morning. Each day Beau made the classes different and fun and I began to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn to work out. In a matter of one month, I felt stronger and better than I had in a long time. I met with Beau regarding my eating habits. Though I thought I ate pretty healthy, Beau quickly taught me how important the right nutrition is to fuel the body instead of all the fast food choices I had made. I began to lose weight and inches and had so much more energy.

I signed up for a 5k at Gasparilla. I was excited to run it with my 21 year old daughter. My goal was to finish it; her goal was to do it in 30 minutes. I am excited to say that because of the strength and endurance I had from training with Beau, I did finish the race and the time was 30:51. What a great feeling! Then a friend wanted to run the Irongirl 15K. We did and we ran the entire 9.3 miles. I have built relationships with 7 other ladies who have this lofty goal of running a half marathon in November. WOW – 13.1 miles. If someone told me I’d be a runner, I never would have believed them. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I would not have signed up and trained with Beau, I would not be able to reach these goals. It is exciting to look back and see all that I have accomplished in 7 months and I know that the continuous workouts I get from my trainer help change my lifestyle to a healthier more active one.

Laurie E


I have been doing small group training with Beau for the last five months. I can honestly say that I’ve never enjoyed exercising more or had better results. The sessions are never boring or repetitive like you may have experienced elsewhere. Beau always has new, fresh exercises which challenge your whole body. I leave each session feeling energized. I think the workouts help me be a better mother, wife and professional because I take a few hours a week for myself.

Since starting small group training, I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been! I have definition in my arms and legs. Even better, I’m comfortably wearing a smaller size. I’ve gotten compliments from friends and my husband loves the results!

Angie O


I have worked with many athletic trainers throughout by career, but few as passionate as Beau. Because of his varied experience, he brings creativity coupled with expertise to every workout. Whether he is working with you one-on-one or in a group setting, Beau is always entertaining, fun and provides just the right amount of challenge to bring you to the next level.

Pat W


I have been working with Beau for over a year now. I have found Beau to be a trained professional, relentless but compassionate, respectful, always prepared, supportive and inspiring.

I am over sixty and was very out of shape, with high blood pressure and diabetes. I am no longer on medication of any kind – just vitamins! I’ve dropped weight but more importantly have gained strength

Cathy H


To whom it may concern

I am a 54 year old diabetic who recently lost my wife to cancer. I came to the gym to get me out of the house and to begin my new life. I had a few inched to lose around my waist and under my chin. My doctor thought it might also be a good thing for me to do to control my diabetes.

The only problem was, I had never set foot in a gym before coming here. I did not know what to do or where to begin. I had concerns because I've had knee and back problems for years. (bulging discs and arthritis)

I was introduced to Beau because of his background in physical therapy. Beau immediately eased my concerns and made me feel comfortable. He's very easy to talk to.

After about 2 weeks of working out with Beau, I had all but forgotten about my pain. Pretty soon I began having to tighten the notches on my belt to keep my pants from falling off. (I'm down to the last hole!)

Also, before I met Beau, my blood sugars used to be all over the place, now I no longer have to use my diabetes medication to keep me in control. Even better than that, when at gatherings with friends I don't have to turn food away. I still have to watch what I eat, but now it's not so critical and my blood sugar levels stay normal.

I believe Beau has helped me a great deal. I feel better than I have in years!

I would recommend anyone who suffers from back or joint pain, or just wants to feel and look better, to work with Beau. I promise you won't regret it.

Ray V


I am writing this letter to let you know how happy I am with one of your trainers, Anthony Beauchamp.

I first met Beau when I came in and joined the gym. He set up an orientation with me for the next day. We sat down and went over my goals, my eating habits, what exercise programs I've done before etc... and came up with a plan of attack on how to reach my goals quickly and healthily.

We also talked about my son, who was wanting to put on some weight for next years football season. My son looks more like a basketball player than a football player, tall and skinny. Beau said he would have to meet Nick before he would work with him, but didn't see there being any problem.

Beau is great! He took my son under his wing and worked with him. He acted as a mentor to Nick. Like a big brother. Nick had some trouble in school and at home, and has been difficult to control. Since he's been working out with Beau, he's been so much easier to deal with at home. Nick looks forward to each training session he has with Beau. I want to thank Beau for all that he has done for our family.

Barbara M

p.s. I also have gone down 2 sizes since I started working out with Beau, and my husband thinks I look great!


For many years, I had become overweight and unfit due to a combination of heavy commitments, poor diet and little exercise.

I found that I did not have the time or the motivation to join a gym so I decided to try having regular "appointments" with a personal trainer.

Beau has been my personal trainer for the last ten months. However within a short time period, I began to see and feel results so I have continued to work with Beau. Needless to say, I have formed the opinion that Beau is an excellent personal trainer. I started with Beau because of a recommendation from our daughter Robin, who also received tremendous benefits from Beau in a 4 month time frame.

It is apparent that Beau enjoys what he does and this comes across in his appointments. I have found Beau to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness. He has gone to great lengths to make me more enthusiastic about my personal fitness and has prepared a specific program for me to follow. This program includes proper nutrition, both what and when to eat, as well as exercise.

Notwithstanding the time that I have been working with Beau, I feel much healthier and have lost 30 pounds and many inches to “from a squeezed size 14 to a loose size 10”.
Beau energy and attitude, his extensive knowledge of the human body and his ability to understand his client's needs make him a very good personal trainer.

I must also add how proud I am of my husband Tom. Tom started with Beau the same time I did. Tom has also gained in all aspects of his health and fitness. Tom has lost 40 pounds as well as many inches. He went from a size 36 waist to size 32 and he looks great!!!

I hope your reading this helps you take your health and fitness seriously.

Wishing you the very best of health,

Carmen S


Dear Sir or Madam:

After 32 years of little to no exercise, I had to face the situation. My body was literally breaking down on me. I could go into a litany of health issues I was facing, but none of them are of interest. Suffice it to say, I had to start improving my physical and mental well-being. Making this decision was the hardest part. The easiest and most rewarding has been the time spent with Anthony Beauchamp (Beau).

Beau met with me to discuss my concerns, spent the first few sessions assessing my fitness level, and put it on track with a personalized program consisting of weight training, cardio, and diet. Duriing our workouts, Beau's attention to form and the well being of his clients has helped to further tailor a program specifically for me.

I encourage anyone interested and committed to becomming healthier to work with Beau. His positive outlook towards life and fitness has made this once seemingly impossible goal not only possible, but a reality.


Lee S