Submitted by: Cynthia Cook

Many's Success Story

“I am an active person and love the outdoors; I like to bike and walk whenever I can. Yoga really complements the cardio exercise with the poses and the stretching and using muscles (ie upper body) that I usually don't use. Sometimes I have pain in my upper and lower back because of slight scoliosis. I have one hip higher than the other and one leg longer than the other and one shoulder blade that sticks out more. So, for example, when I do too much yard work or try to carry too much, I hurt. But the slow stretching and deep breathing of yoga and the Pilates floor exercises always help me work out those issues. I have been to a few other yoga classes at the YMCA and another studio in town. I really like the instructors at Legacy Pilates, Yoga & More. There is a non-competitive, helpful atmosphere and they really know the physiology of movement. I like to be made aware of what muscle groups are used and what is the proper form.”

–Sandy L.

“Looking forward to another class as Jim is really getting hooked on the PiYo....best investment we've made in ourselves in a long time.” –Karla F

"I have been attending the Legacy Pilates and Yoga studio for almost 1 1/2 years. With their help I have seen results beyond my wildest dreams (and unlike anything I could achieve after MANY hours of running and other classes at various mainstream gyms). Cindy, Aileen and all the instructors I have had at the studio are fantastic on both the pilates equipment and floor classes. If you want instructors who pay attention to the details of your form and practice this is the studio for you. I have yet to attend a class that my instructor did not PERSONALLY assist me in achieving a deeper connection and proper form. Classes are small, 2- 6 individuals, which allows for this kind of one-on-one attention. It is personal training without breaking the bank. I have been to both yoga and pilates at other mainstream gyms and could never achieve the kind of results I have seen with Cindy and her group. Certainly I have never received the personal attention without paying for my own personal trainer at over twice the cost! And the best testimony yet, they have kids yoga class and have inspired my 6 year old daughter to crave weekly yoga practice! Thanks everyone at Legacy Yoga and Pilates for providing Omaha with an excellent studio for a balanced mind-body practice that really gets results!"

–Robyn L.