Testimonial Barisa

Submitted by: Blair Rockoff

Barisa's Success Story

I have been a client of Blair’s since January of 2011. When I first started with Blair I did not feel like I was in shape and knew that I had a lot of work to do. Now it is April of 2011 and I was recently retested on running, abs, wall seats, push -ups and pull ups and I saw a significant improvement in my strength as well as my cardio. Blair also keeps track of my changes in my body, and I can say that I have lost inches all over. In addition, my body fat percent has decreased. Blair makes each session challenging but enjoyable. She is also very enthusiastic and she encourages me at each training session.
Blair and I have also had some session where we just go over my diet and what I should and should not be eating. She has also looked at the restaurants that I eat at on a daily basis and has given me some healthy alternatives. Overall, I have learned a lot from Blair in the four months that I have been working with her. I feel a lot stronger and I have noticed a difference in my body. I know that each session I will be challenged, but I look forward to those workouts. Blair is an excellent trainer and she comes up with new and exciting workouts at each session. She changes up the workouts so that they are never boring. I have been extremely happy with Blair as my trainer and I can’t wait to see the significant changes in another four months!