Submitted by: Colette Mompoint

Tim De Vincke's Success Story

Colette has been my personal trainer for some two months now and the results are truly amazing! I first met Colette when she was my instructor at a Group Fitness Spin Class. I was immediately impressed with her motivation, ability to communicate with all the participants, and professionalism. We chatted after class and I could tell she really listened, cared, and knew what I needed. Her extensive knowledge in exercise, weight training, and nutrition was evident.

We started an indivualized training program which involved my mind, body, and inner self. Colette completed a thorough initial consultation which included medical history, body measurements, goal setting, and an overall plan to get specific measureable results! Colette's knowledge of muscle groups, nutrition, and the entire Fitness Industry as to how it would help me were uncanny! I truly felt like I was in good hands and her confidence was very important to a person who hadn't been in the gym in some 20 years.

Our workouts consist of weight training, cardio, exercise, stretching, and significant diet changes. My results after only two months are unbelievable. I have gone from 243 to 217 losing 26 pounds!! I recently visited my Doctor and recorded fantastic results. My blood pressure has dropped some 25 points on both the top and bottom number, I have stopped taking my blood pressure medication after TEN years of being on it, my resting heart rate dropped to 66, my glucose levels improved, and cholesterol has dropped from 121 to 85!! My overall posture, energy levels, and self confidence are at all time highs!! I truly feel like a new man and much more like myself from 25 years ago when I was an active Rower on the Crew Team at the University level.

Colette's follow up and motivation have led to significant long term measurable health benefits which I strongly recommend to anyone. If your a client who wants to improve your overall health and well being, Colette is the Trainer for you! I look forward to utilizing her expertise, knowlege, and motivational skills for many years to come.

~Tim De Vincke