Submitted by: John Albanese

Cathy's Success Story

For more than six years, training with John has been something of a family affair. My husband, daughter and I have all been fortunate to benefit from his expertise in a broad range of fitness activities from swimming to strength training and injury rehab. I first started working with John when I decided to tackle a triathlon. It had been years since I had done any swimming. Luckily, John had put together a swim program designed specifically for triathletes. As a former college swimmer and a triathlete, John used his personal athletic background to build an extremely successful program. I was well prepared for my first sprint triathlon and continued with the program to train for olympic and half ironman events. In addition to triathlons I also started running marathons. An important component of my training was the strength work that I did with John. Agility drills, plyometrics, core work and stretching all paid off.

My daughter, Kim, also spent many hours at the gym with John over the years. She started working with John when she was in middle school after developing knee issues from playing volleyball and participating in competitive swimming. As her knees improved his emphasis shifted to dryland training and plyometrics. Once in high school she ultimately had to drop volleyball to focus on swimming. She was recruited by the University of Notre Dame. During the summer prior to her freshman year at ND she did strength conditioning with John to prepare for the rigors of Division 1 collegiate athletics. This year she capped off a successful swimming career at Notre Dame that includes competing the NCAA D1 Championships and the US Olympic Trails.

Most recently my husband Mike also got on board training with John. For the first time in years Mike and I had the opportunity to go skiing. Looking forward to getting back on the slopes, but feeling quite rusty, we decided that some pre-season conditioning would be in order. After several weeks of training with John we had a great week of skiing. Our legs were primed for the slopes and we came home injury free.

We highly recommend John as a trainer and coach. He's skilled at designing a program tailored to meet an individuals particular needs whether the goal is competitive sports, general health and well being or injury rehab.

Cathy H.