Submitted by: Roody Dallemand

Louis's Success Story

I have been a client of Roody Dallemand for about six years and I can attest that his extensive knowledge of anatomy, form, and nutrition has helped mold my physique into the shape I have been looking for. Roody maintains a constant focus during training sessions on his client’s goals. He is able to customize and tailor our training sessions with a sweeping range of exercises in his repertoire from beginner to advanced forms. Being able to train with someone this attentive and knowledgeable has allowed me to make strides in my progress that would not have been possible on my own. I would highly recommend Roody to anyone who is serious about fitness and is looking to not only have someone motivate, but educate them as well to help achieve their goals. Roody has a lot to offer a client including those who may suffer from sports injuries. I was able to fully recover from a SLAP2 tear in my right shoulder with the help of Roody’s extensive knowledge and I am able to train at 100%.
Thanks Roody,
Looking forward to our next session!
-Lou Pici

Roody Dallemand

Verified Cert/Training