Submitted by: Roody Dallemand

Laura's Success Story

If you were going to spend eight hours of travel time to see someone or do something for one hour, that person or activity would have to be pretty extraordinary, right? Well, Roody is just that person, and his M.A.T. and training sessions are definitely that outstanding!

A friend introduced me to Roody, thinking MAT might help me with my chronic pain issues. It took only one visit (just five minutes, really) for me to realize I had found an exceptional practitioner, one with a wealth of knowledge, techniques, and insight to offer. Since that first appointment, I have been committed and look forward with great anticipation to my sessions with Roody.

MAT could just as well stand for Most Awesome Therapy. Roody has amazing hands (can I say that?) and an intuitive touch. It was an incredible experience to feel muscles that had been dormant suddenly come to life and to teach them— through Roody’s palpations and the prescribed isometric exercises—how to work and function as they should. I left the studio each week feeling a bit looser, lighter, and more mobile . . . as well as furnished with “homework” exercises that Roody had thoroughly explained and practiced with me to ensure I would do them correctly on own.

As a result of the success of the MAT work, I have transitioned to fitness training with Roody. What a blast! Mind you, I had never (literally) been in a gym or “worked out” before, so this could have been intimidating, especially to someone middle-aged (like me!). But Roody makes it enjoyable, approachable, and attainable and never makes me feel awkward or uncomfortable—I immediately feel in love with these training days (and joined a gym at home to hold me between trips to NYCFA)! Roody knows just how hard to push (I like to challenge myself); continually comes up with new exercises and routines and personalizes them to fit my particular needs; has a keen eye for seeing if I’m doing something correctly and if it is effective; and has expertise in a broad spectrum of facets regarding the human body (e.g., physiology, nutrition, biology). Training with Roody means more than simply strengthening muscles and the cardio system: it is about getting in touch with and tuning mind, body, and spirit; about pushing yourself—in a safe environment—beyond what you think your limits are; about learning how your musculoskeletal and internal systems function; and about discovering yourself and what you’re capable of. It might be hard work, but it’s fun work!

To top it all off, Roody himself is a great guy! He’s good-natured and jovial (a sense of humor goes a long way in my book!), thoughtful, perceptive, respectful, kind, and a patient teacher; he deftly balances professionalism with informality. I feel like I have a partner and teammate who is committed to my quest for a healthy, fit, and sound body and mind.

Oh, and if you should find me with a new, New York City zip code in the near future, you’ll know why!
-Laura M.

Roody Dallemand

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