Testimonal from a stellar client!

Submitted by: Jehan Izhar

Anna, age 42's Success Story

On doctors orders, I started working with J, as my personal trainer, about 6 weeks after my gastric bypass surgery. For nearly 2.5 years after that, we met twice a week for training and I am proud to say I have lost (and kept off) 65 lbs! J was great in introducing me to new exercises and various resistance training approaches at a manageable, yet challenging pace. She easily accommodated my concerns about trick knees or low back pain by modifying the exercise plan she had set out. She is polite, quite knowledgeable, and of great good humor which resulted in our sessions being both informative and fun for me! I continued to renew my sessions with J because I had confidence that she was pushing me to make progress in my training and could back it up with intelligent explanations as to why a specific set of exercises would aid me in building functional strength. She was a real pleasure to work with!