Submitted by: Suzi McKee

Letters from clients's Success Story

Monti Booth - Suzi prepared me for the greatest challenge of my life“
“Suzi has been my fitness guru for the past two decades. In April of 2002, I was diagnosed with cancer and went through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. With Suzi’s help, I had the physical stamina to make it through the rigorous medical procedures necessary to survive the disease. Over the years, she has inspired me to reach my fitness goals with innovative and cutting edge classes. Thank you Suzi. I will be forever grateful for your support and guidance.”

Liz Ragland – Knowledgeable, motivating and results oriented“
“Suzi has gone from being my trainer to a personal friend. She shares all of her valuable knowledge and recipes with anyone who wants to feel better. Without a doubt, Suzi will change the life of every person who takes her classes and incorporates her fitness and nutrition information into their life.”

Tiffany Wright – Suzi taught me to like exercise“
“Training with Suzi has taught me new ways to enjoy working out and has given me a renewed sense of self awareness for living a healthier life.”

Mary Zias- I’m a Marathon runner and Triathlete“
“Suzi has brought my fitness to a whole new level. She challenges and encourages like no other. Flat out, Suzi is the best!!”

Jonna Parr- I lost 5% body fat and dropped a pant size!...
“Suzi is not only an amazing fitness coach, but an incredible motivator, encourager and friend. She wants you to achieve your goals and pushes you to work toward your best potential. After attending Suzi’s Fit Camp, I have increased energy, stamina and strength as well as sleep better. I am honored to call her my friend!”

Debbie Smith- Suzi is the best instructor ever!...
“I have followed Suzi for 20 years to different gyms because she motivates you to always
do your best. Not only are her workouts fun, she constantly changes them so her students don’t get bored. She is wonderful.”

Jill Trollinger- Not only does Suzi teach life style changes, she believes in and lives by them“
“I have been athletic and competitive in sports my entire life. I thought I knew everything about training properly and being healthy. Boy was I wrong! Suzi taught me the value of breakfast, to eat fruits and veggies and to increase my cardio. Best of all, I enjoy these changes. She has educated me and proven that results can happen if I will Live-well and be fit. I am very blessed to have found Suzi and to have these positive changes in my life.”

Sheila Valigura- If you are looking for a great workout, plus learning about your body, Suzi is the answer!...
“Suzi’s knowledge and teaching is amazing! When people ask how I stay in shape, I always say Suzi McKee. People race to sign up for Suzi’s Fit Camps. They are full of satisfied clients who keep coming back over and over again.”

Sandra Blackwell- You never know what to expect with Suzi. She can impersonate Michael Jackson one day and come dressed like a chicken the next“
“With Suzi, no two workouts are the same. Day after day you can attend her class and never get bored. She brings energy and intensity to every workout every day. For anyone needing a little motivation to work a little harder, she BRINGS IT. For anyone needing a lot of motivation to work a lot harder, she SCREAMS IT!”

Rachael Givens- Suzi helped me to achieve a level of fitness I never even imagined was possible“
“I didn’t start working out until I was 37. Suzi totally changed my life. She is truly dedicated to helping others improve their life by improving their fitness and health and I’m just one example of that dedication. Her techniques really work and she can train anyone, from beginner to experienced athlete and help them increase their level of fitness by huge margins.”

Beth Cardinal- Worth every bead of sweat!...
“I have taken classes instructed by Suzi for 18 years! She is my all time favorite instructor! Whether you are attending cycling, yoga, dance, Pilates, Fit Camps, or personal training, her experience and expertise shines from the moment class begins. It doesn't matter if you are just beginning or advanced in your fitness, Suzi cares about each individual person in class. You learn something new each time, and have a blast doing it!”

Judy Fleming – Thanks to Suzi, I know participate in Triathlons“
“Suzi has the ability to instruct and encourage people to push beyond what their perceived limits are. She has been instrumental in my growth as a Fitness Instructor and was the reason I became a Personal Trainer. Her instruction in class not only made me want to work hard but it also made me want to learn more about what exercises we were doing and why. She doesn't just ‘teach’ class-she instructs, which in turn made me want to do everything just a little better. And out of that I have grown beyond just an Instructor and Trainer.”

Chas Massey- I never thought I would feel so comfortable in a group setting working out“
“I feel right at home with Suzi and all of the ladies in her Fit Camp. Everyone encourages each other. I have learned many things about my body as well as my nutrition during this journey.”

Lee Landrum– I’ve lost inches and stopped taking so much medicine“
“Suzi is very passionate about fitness and her clients. Her sessions are addicting. I have changed my way of eating and lifestyle in general thanks to Suzi. She rocks!!!”

Susan Trollinger– Suzi is my hero!...
“Suzi worked with me on strengthening one of my knees after surgery. As a result, I am now on a life changing journey. She asked my goals when we started, at that time it was to walk normal and for me not to jiggle when I stopped walking or waving. (When you are nearly sixty, your expectations change.) She has me reading and learning something new every day about my health. Because of Suzi, I’m able to work out with my daughter and we encourage and challenge each other and enjoy our time together.”

Heidi Brown - Suzi wins the fitness lottery!...
“Suzi Schumacher McKee is one of the very best fitness instructors I have ever been to, and I hold her responsible for the fit person I am today. When I started attending her classes 8 years ago, I noticed the majority of her clients would not miss a work out. Since that time I have been through several trainings and have become an instructor myself. I have been to classes all over the US and have had the opportunity to work with the founders of Les Mills, the national director for all the Gold’s Gyms and some professional spin instructors trained by Chris Carmichael who is Lance Armstrong’s trainer. Suzi’s classes are not a chore. They are so fun and motivating and the results profound. She has fabulous music and a huge variety in every class she teaches which includes Pilates, spin, strength, yoga, Fit Camp, combat and probably some I don’t even know about. I have never worked as hard for anyone as Suzi and never taken a class from a better instructor. Sometimes I am really sad that she is not a daily part of my life kicking my rear-end into shape! I can also tell you that there are many more people out there just like me who feel the same about Suzi. Suzi Shumacher Mckee has the gift of rhythm, motivation and perception.”