Terry is a new woman!

Submitted by: Elizabeth Reighard

Terry's Success Story

1. What was your main reason for beginning your training with Liz Reighard of Precision Personal Training? I began training with Liz 3 years ago to lose weight and get stronger.

2. Did you set goals right away? I did and Liz helped me with nutrition ideas as well. She was also very realistic in what would work for only me, as I was also training with my daughter.

3. Were you confident you'd be able to reach those goals? Liz always inspires confidence in me to always be what I can be.

4. What was the most important thing PPT taught you? No matter who you are or what age you may be, or even your body shape or metabolism, there is a plan perfect for you to be able to achieve any goal you set for yourself and PPT will
help get you there!

5. Have you reached your goals yet? I have exceeded the goal I set for myself in weight and strength! I haven't been this size in 28 years and never as strong as I am today! THANKS TRX!

6. Would you recommend PPT to your friends and/or family? What do you think??
PPT helped take the "madness" out of my life!
> WOW!!! It's truly amazing what you have helped me do Miss Liz!!!
> I feel so strong and determined more than ever and now don't have to waste
> all that time worrying about my weight and what I'm going to feel like when
> I get out of bed every morning!
> This has been my way of life for almost 55 yrs. as I feel I was born 150lbs
> and have never found a way to controll my weight!
> Love you Lady! You are a BLESSING for anyone who is *listening* to you!
> Terry


Terry Before


Terry After