Tenacious. Athletic Success!!! Track & Field College Recruitment.

Submitted by: Travis Grosjean

Kevin's Success Story

My name is Kevin and I am an 18 year old track & field hurdler that will be competing for California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly) this Spring. Travis has been my trainer, mentor, coach and friend for over a year now, and I cannot be more pleased with what we have accomplished together. When I first met Travis, he sat down and asked me what my goals were; this entire year we have worked tenaciously to enhance my speed, power, and strength. To put it lightly, I have improved in leaps and bounds. Receiving track recruitment letters from schools like the Merchant Marine Academy and the University of Pennsylvania, I started achieving athletic success that I would have never imagined I could achieve. At one point, I was the 18th ranked high school hurdler in the State of California. I would like to thank Travis for these achievements because without his motivation, knowledge, and dedication as a trainer, this would not have been possible. I recommend Travis to anyone looking to improve as an athlete in any sport.


Kevin After