temptations at work

Submitted by: Elyse Jarard

Valerie's Success Story

I usually don’t have too many temptations at work besides our old going out to lunch routine, but today there were quite a few, and I’m proud of myself for not caving in. I was in an all-morning meeting where there were donuts and cookies, we had an anniversary celebration this afternoon w/cake and ice cream, and my friends decided to break our staying in and eating packed lunch routine to head out today since the weather is nice. I managed to pass on all of the sweets at the meetings/anniversary celebration and stayed in and had my packed lunch (I could’ve went out and gotten something healthy but just didn’t really want to). Anyway, it may not seem like much, but looking back at what I probably would’ve done in those situations a couple of months ago, it is a big improvement. I am wearing a pair of pants today that I wasn’t wearing for the last few months because they had gotten way too tight, and now they fit fine again. That helps as a good reminder as to why I don’t want to eat all of the junk. I don’t really even feel deprived after passing on all the sweets today (although I’m thinking one of the Usana chocolate bars this afternoon would make a nice substitute for the cake that I just passed on). Just had to brag on myself to someone since it’s the day-to-day victories that add up. 