Team Chellygirl

Submitted by: Michelle Williams

Team Chellygirl's Success Story

During late 2012 I challenged my group of students from Doris Miller YMCA (who attended 20/20/20 and/or Interval Training) to give me reasons why they worked out. I took it a step further to start an eight-week journey with my students to see how we could improve our current lifestyles. I received some good feedback at the start and a couple of folks wrote out their goals. One of the goals immediately caught my attention as it involved completing a 5K race. Since I’m a runner I thought this was an excellent goal and wondered if others would like to partake in it. So I put the question out there to see who else would like to take on this adventure. The first reaction involved the look, “I’m not a runner”. I quickly put everyone at ease that you don’t need to be a runner. You just need to be able to complete the race and be alive to talk about when you’re done. That’s how Team Chellygirl got started.

This journey may have started with my students but evolved to include two other YMCA employees as well as a friend of one of our teammates. Our experience has been a true bonding of folks that had a common goal, the dedication and the determination to see it through. We may not be the fastest group of runners/walkers but we are all athletes in our own right.

Every participant successfully completed their 5K (Miracle Match, Waco, Tx Jan 26, 2013) and gained a new level of confidence! Six of the nine team members were first time racers. This was a great day in our world of fitness.

Chellygirl~ Committed to a healthier lifestyle!