Teacher Gets "Flat Abs"

Submitted by: Laura Alvarado

Mary's Success Story

I started training with Laura for two reasons. First, I had never learned how to use a gym before and wanted to do more than just run for exercise. Secondly, I realized that at 33 it was difficult to lose weight. I have never been one for diets and for most of my life have been a steady 142 pounds. I slowly realized though that I was ten pounds heavier than usual and that I did not know a healthy and sustainable way to drop what I had gained.

Laura is a fantastic trainer. Before we hit the gym equipment or mentioned a workout routine we talked about eating habits and nutrition. She asked me to keep a food diary that we would review and discuss at each week’s session. In doing this I have learned how to make better eating choices and know that I have changed my attitude toward eating in a way that is sustainable. Laura has extensive knowledge about nutrition and is able to make diet suggestions that enable me to eat foods that I like and to commit to eating patterns that I know I can maintain on my own. I have never felt healthier than I have since I started working with Laura.

Laura is also wonderful and supportive in the physical training aspect of our work together. She never ever allows me to give up and pushes me in a way that makes me feel extremely accomplished at the end of our sessions. I have never exercised so hard in my life and know that in addition to my own personal goals that I work because Laura inspires me. I trust her immensely and am confident that if I listen and ask questions and really invest in the way that she is asking me to, that I will continue to see awesome results.

I have lost 14 pounds and dropped two sizes since I started working with Laura. My nutrition continues to be steady and healthy and I have developed strong exercising patterns. I have met all of my original goals and continue to set more for myself. I absolutely love the changes that I’ve seen my body go through and am committed to maintaining this healthy lifestyle. I am confident that all of this has been possible because of my relationship with Laura and the excellent guidance that she has given me.


Mary After