Tammy lost 15lbs and counting

Submitted by: Linda Okwor

Tammy's Success Story

The Bodelogix Personalized Nutrition Plan has made an amazing difference in my life. The best thing is that it’s not a “diet” that I’d stick to for a while and then abandon. Bodelogix introduced me to a new way of thinking about food and eating, to actually pay attention to what’s going in because it affects what’s going out to the world. I’ve lost 15 pounds (and counting) safely and lost inches all over my body with a plan tailored for me. Bodelogix differs from other programs because it’s not just about nutrition but how I feel about myself. It uses positive affirmations and goals (that I wrote myself so I’ll stick to them) to help motivate me everyday.
Linda Okwor has a great grasp of how to help me, and anyone else, realize the best “me”. Linda goes over the entire plan step by step, answering questions and giving great advice. I feel like this is such a personal program and not just a cookie cutter diet. There’s also the emphasis for the need of exercise along with nutrition. Her certifications in personal training, fitness and nutrition all give Linda a great base of knowledge of what amount and type of food is needed to keep me going while I workout and go about my everyday.
I would recommend Linda and Bodelogix to anyone! She’s great coach and very genuine in her concern. Linda’s dedication to helping her clients stay on track to achieve their goals is truly inspiring.
Tammy B.