Taking Back Control of My Health

Submitted by: Erin Hayward

Avery's Success Story

I have been overweight for most of my life, however, I have always maintained a very active lifestyle and worked out regularly. After having my 2nd daughter 11 years ago I found myself over 100 pounds overweight. I decided to do something about it, joined Weight Watchers and within 22 months I lost 110lbs. I kept my weight off for the last 9 1/2 years by eating healthy and doing some form of physical activity several times a week. Then last year my life was turned upside down. All within 18 months my house burned down, my younger brother passed away very unexpectedly, my husband had to leave to follow a job out of state, I lost my mom to cancer, my daughters and I moved across the country to be with my husband here in Louisiana and my best friend at home is losing her battle with breast cancer. Needless to say during this time in my life when I should have been putting in long hours at the gym, I found that I put my needs and working out on the back burner and the weight was quickly coming back.

It wasn't until we moved up the street from Franco's Athletic Club last summer that I found myself getting excited again about exercising. I have basically spent everyday at Franco's working out, clearing my mind and trying to get my body back into decent physical shape. I started to see familiar faces and watched as the trainer's led their Fall Lose Dat teams in all the different workouts. As I watched I would get really excited about being part of the Spring Lose Dat and started scoping out trainers and taking all the different classes. After months of watching Erin Hayward train clients and taking her classes, I decided that she would be a good match for me and joined the Burgundy Team. Erin was very approachable and friendly and seemed to know what I was capable of doing even before I did. Not only did she encourage me to journal my foods, eat as clean as possible and continue to change things up in order to keep my body from plateauing, but she pushed me to lift heavier and push harder. During our training days she put together interval workouts to meet our specific needs as we were all on different physical levels. These were intense and long sessions that I truly believe made all the difference in my success on her team. I ultimately lost 14 lbs in ten weeks. I lost 6 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my chest and 2 inches on my hips. Not only do I feel great about myself but I feel like I have more energy now than I did when I was 10 years younger.

If you are considering hiring a personal trainer or joining the next round of Lose Dat, I highly recommend Erin Hayward. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, down to earth and friendly she truly wants the best for you. I could not have done this without her!!