Taking an athlete from good to GREAT!

Submitted by: Addie Kelzer

Mark's Success Story

Mark had a well-rounded and consistent workout routine when he started personal training with me. He was running, biking and swimming many miles each week along with resistance training 2-3 days. He was focused on improving his core strength and working on high intensity drills to improve his speed and agility. Mark was also looking for some guidance on improving his nutrition. Mark was an INCREDIBLY hard worker and because of this was able to see dramatic changes in just 8, 1-hour sessions. I enjoyed pushing him harder and harder each session. Mark increased his maximum pullups from 10 to 15 and shed significant weight off of his midsection. He decreased his body fat by 2%, and lost 11 pounds! Due to the skinfold measurements we took at the beginning and end of our training I was able to tell that his body fat decreases came directly from his back (subscapular) and stomach (abdomen and suprailiac sites). Although he knew exactly where he was seeing the changes!


Mark After