Synchro Coach's Body Rocks!

Submitted by: Rosanne Juergens

Katy's Success Story

When Katy started training with me, I took my usual conservative approach, although she requested lots of abdominal exercises. Her main goal was accountability and to enhance her athletic skills in her sport of synchronized swimming. Katy, in her twenties, subsequently developed a hernia that had to be repaired. Of course, my first thought was that the exercise had caused it. However, it was a condition that arose from her pregnancy and a predisposition to weakness in the abdominal wall. She recovered quickly got back her strength quickly. However, the operation didn't take, and she had to have a mesh patch surgically placed over the hernia. Katy went on to train with me for two more years. In that time, she became very strong, lifting 25 lb dumbbells overhead in military presses, for example. She is a lithe, shapely lady, with a quick laugh. She loved every kind of difficult exercise I could dream up for her. However, our experience with her surgery emphasized to me the importance of starting slowly. Just because someone is young, doesn't mean you can challenge them with extremes until they have become conditioned.
Besides her continued weekly trainings with me, The best compliment was a facebook post from her husband (whom I also trained), "I love what you're doing with Katy! Her body looks great!"

Katy placed first this October at the U.S. Master's competition in La Mirada, California for her duet routine. I am so proud of her accomplishments, and am glad to call her a friend.


Katy Before


Katy After