Swimmer with Shoulder Pain

Submitted by: Vance Ferrigno

Jackie's Success Story

"Last summer I injured by shoulder, resulting in frozen shoulder. As a life long swimmer I could no longer do so. I was prescribed physical therapy early in the fall, which gradually brought about some improvement but by December the condition of the shoulder seemed to have reached a plateau. 

On follow-up Dr. Raynal recommended that I meet with Vance Ferrigno to help resolve the shoulder problem and to design and implement a general fitness program--one that I would be able to adjust to without injury, which unfortunately had been the result of my attempts to develop a plan over the previous several years. 
In January I met with Vance, who listened closely to my scenario.  We immediately began working together with his prime focus on hands-on manipulation of my still painful and stiff shoulder.  After the first session, I felt significant improvement.  It was clear to me that he was gifted in his abilities to focus precisely on the problems I still had.  We continued to meet for the next two months, once or twice a week.  Each time further improvement took place with the shoulder and the general fitness plan progressing well with no soreness, injuries, or other problems.  By the end of February the shoulder was finally near normal so I added lap swimming back into my routine several days a week.  This routine has proven to be uplifting in so many ways--my mood is always better after a good workout!!
Thanks for making it possible!!!                                 ---Jackie Breffle,