Susan Trades In Drug Use for a Healthier Option - WEIGHTS!

Submitted by: Abby Campbell

Susan's Success Story

Coming from an overweight and drug abusing adulthood, Susan realized she needed to make a change to get healthy. After 18 years of not exercising and topping out at 213 pounds on a 5 foot frame, she knew she had to make a lifestyle change.

Starting off in life as athlete but moving into complacency... Being a competitive swimmer throughout most of childhood, one would not think she'd ever become "fat." However, that is where Susan found herself. She was a member of the "USA Swimming" organization from the ages of 6 to 17. USA Swimming is in charge of selecting its team for the United States Olympic Swim Team. Most competitive swimmers will practice upwards of two to four hours per day and five to six days per week with one competitive meet each week. It is a very rigorous sport, and Susan loved it! However, it was easy to pack on the pounds when she discontinued the sport as she did not take up another activity that was as rigorous. With no workouts, as well as no modifcations with her diet, Susan packed on the pounds.

From complacency to denial... Throughout the next two decades, Susan's life had fallen apart. She was abusing drugs. Her marriage was falling apart. Her weight increased to 213 pounds. Though she wasn't physically disabled, she was physically uncomfortable. She had a very poor self-image. As most who are overweight or obese, denial set in. She only saw her "pretty face" when she looked in the mirror and dismissed any thoughts that her body was out of shape and unhealthy.

From denial to a wake-up call... Turning 40 was a wake-up call for Susan. She had recently quit her long-time addiction to drugs and gotten divorced. But, that's not all! Susan had a baby, and she knew she needed to make positive changes not only for her own life but for her son's as well. She knew there was no way she could be as big as she was and be able to keep up with her little energetic man. Besides that, she knew that on the inside of that big body was a sultry and sexy woman. Susan was ready to make the changes to reflect that.

From a wake-up call to combat fat... With the loving support of her family and friends, Susan got the nerve to join her local YMCA to workout. She became more conscious with her diet and cut out the obvious bad foods such as soda and refined sugars. The most important aspect in helping Susan was setting realistic goals as well as making a consistent effort to workout and eat properly. Her key to results would take time, so she gave herself patience and persistence. What she learned most in her transformation journey is that it takes a great deal of commitment to make a change. She made it to the gym when there was bad weather, when she was tired, and even during the treacherous monthly cycles. She knew that her hard work would pay off.

A Word From Susan...

"Spiritually and emotionally, exercise has become vital to me. Recovering from years of drug use, I was surprised at how much exercise helped me. It seems to be a very important part of who I am, a part that had been missing for a long time. I am still working on improving my physical shape. I am very grateful for every day I have the physical ability to exercise. At 42, I've made great strides and I am very proud of myself. And now, with a son, I really need energy and strength! Hard work pays off. It takes time, but it is so worth it. You have to be a little selfish and say, 'Hey, THIS time is for ME.' I love being fit. I love having a shape!"


Susan Before


Susan After