Susan Streit

Submitted by: Robert Quimby

Susan's Success Story

Dear Rob,
Thanks so much for all the hard work you have put forth in training our family. Tyler and Tim have improved so much in the last 2years with football. Tyler has been recognized for his increased speed,
agility, and work effort. He has gone from occasional first string to a permanent first string offensive lineman. I know that with Tyler’s dedication and your expertise he will attain his goal of playing college
football. Tim has been steadily improving his running technique in football. He is a dedicated weight training pre-teen. He may only be 10 years old now, but his improvements over the last year and a half
have given him more self confidence and assertiveness. He has a new goal now of one day entering bodybuilding as a teenager. Thank you for opening up a whole new area of learning for my children.
My daughter Lissy is impatiently waiting her turn to learn from you as well. She watches her brothers and desperately wants to do what they do in the gym. She is eager to do more than the elliptical or
treadmill. For me, training with you has decreased my stress, and increased my energy. I have also lowered my body fat and increased my strength. I get compliments all the time for how young I look to
actually have three children as old as they are. Thanks again!!
See you in the gym!
Susan Streit


Susan Before


Susan After