Susan L. Chadick

Submitted by: Mark Darco

Susan's Success Story

I have been training with Mark for several years and have been most pleased with the results and Mark's conscientious, careful and effective style. I have had personal trainers before, but Mark is the most focused on keeping our workouts fresh, finding new routines which are safe for my body, and which do the job of keeping me toned and fit. Mark stays current on the latest data about health and fitness and takes requisite seminars to ensure he is on top of proper techniques and thinking regarding personal training. He takes his work seriously and as a result trust him to provide me with the best workout. I feel I look as good as I ever have, and see the results of my efforts to maintain a toned body and optimum weight. I would recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a serious, effective trainer, with whom they can workout for many years to come.