Surviving the Police Acadamy

Submitted by: Derrick Spruill

Kelly's Success Story

It was a few years ago that I began to develop an interest in getting physically fit and to learn a martial art. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I sought guidance from a lifelong friend of mine, Derrick Spruill. He’d always been so passionate about his martial arts and working out, if anyone could help me find a place to get started I knew it’d be him.

As a personal trainer:

One of the first places I started to change was my lifestyle. He offered helpful advice on changing my diet, not completely but simple things such as almond milk instead of the regular kind. I started training in Brazilian Jiujitsu to prepare for police academy. He helped with that too. Derrick always knows how to push me to my limits without over doing it, and no screaming in the face involved like other trainers either. When I started police academy a few months ago I couldn’t punch my way out of a wet paper bag. I failed my first stand up fighting test. I started sparring with him nearly every day after work since and I see a HUGE improvement in myself.

Kettle Bells:

I love them! I’m the kind of person that gets tired and bored with repetition. Not to mention cheap. They offer such variety that I never get tired of them, and just a few KB’s at different weights keep me from going broke. At first I was a little skeptical, everything about them just seemed so unusual. The technique was a little difficult for me to grasp. But now, there isn’t a type of weight nor work out that I would prefer, they help with both strength training and cardio.


Kelly Before


Kelly After
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