Surgery Avoided!

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Susan U.'s Success Story

I first met Deb in January of 2008 when she taught a 30 minute intro to Pilates class at Life Time Fitness. During the session Deb mentioned that if your neck hurt while performing the moves you were not doing them correctly. Since my neck has very problematic over the years I talked to Deb after class and she told me about the Pilates/Posture work she does. I checked out her web-site and decided the private work was just not really affordable.

I had problems with aches and pains in my right arm for several years. In the spring of 2007 I realized that there was a bone protruding in my right elbow. I saw my family practitioner who ordered an X-ray to make sure there were no breaks. I was told there was a lot of arthritis in the joint and was sent to rehab. In rehab I was essentially told there was nothing that could be done.

By April of 2008 my right elbow was causing me considerable pain. I saw my family practitioner again who sent me to an orthopedist. The orthopedist had me see a neurologist for some testing. When I returned to the orthopedist he told me I needed surgery on my elbow as nerves were pinched and that I had carpel tunnel which would also need surgery. He said he would try a minor surgery on the elbow that would relieve the pain but that it might not work and I might need more extensive surgery. I can not tell you how disturbing this was for me. I'm a consultant and would not be able to work during the recovery. Additionally, my hobbies are quilting and knitting. What if something went wrong?

The surgery was scheduled for June 6th, 2008. The evening of June 1st, I went to a Yoga/Pilates Fusion class at Lifetime that I had never tried before. Deb was teaching the class. In her introduction Deb mentioned the posture work she does and that she works with women who have had surgery for breast cancer to get them fully functioning again.

In 1976 I had a lump removed in my right breast. This is back when they used the ice-cream scoop method of lump removal. My sister, an occupational therapist, is trained in Myofascial Release and when she has worked on the area between my right breast and right shoulder has commented on how much scare tissue there is. During the class I started putting two and two together. After class I told Deb about the biopsy and the impending elbow surgery, Deb suggested I get the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and said to make sure to read the first three chapters. I explained that my surgery was scheduled for the coming Friday. Deb said to do want I needed to do but suggested I get the book and said to make sure to read the first three chapters.

I purchased the book the next day, read the first two chapters, cancelled the surgery and made an appointment with Deb. When I arrived for my appointment Deb told me that today we would get me out of pain. When I left that day my elbow, and I realized, shoulder pain were 90% gone. I've continued to see Deb not only is my shoulder and elbow pain gone but I now have no low back pain due to the work we've done in my hip and pelvis area. We are currently working to eliminate my knock knees and strengthen and my ankles which have been weak most of my life. After each time I see Deb she e-mails a set of exercises to me and I work on them at my leisure.

I truly feel like a new woman and would strongly recommend that anyone having joint problems give her work a try. I feel blessed to have met her and benefit from her work. I actually carry her cards about and pass them out to friends who are having problems.

Susan U