Submitted by: Brandon Leavitt

Allison's Success Story

As we are all coming up on the new year and "resolutions" I thought it was appropriate to share my experience with Brandon Leavitt. I'm not the type that does well with "Jillian" type trainers (in your face)Brandon was what I call a real trainer. Helps you customize and understand what you need to do. He. also understands life still happens and helps you get. past the roadblocks. (I had LOTS of excuses) 3 major. surgeries etc. He took it all into consideration and. customized what I needed not just "boot camp" (never. Wouldve worked with me)Needless to say being thestubborn and excuses personality I am:)...I managed toLose 40 lbs in 3 months following the things Brandontaught me. Make a goal you can keep and have Brandon help you! He's awesome!
Oh and I forgot...its all tracking online and at dont have to "go to the gym" to be trained. He accesses what you have access to or what you have at home and makes it work. much easier than trying to get to the gym at a certain time to meet a trainer.