Summer Slimmer

Submitted by: Alesya Bogaevskaya

Group of YWCA members's Success Story

Get real results this summer and slim your way down to a new beach body!

Alesya will take you through a challenging sequence of cardio, muscle conditioning and core training. Using a fun fusion of traditional weights, plyometrics and pilates inspired core work, you’ll transform your body, taking your slimming and toning to the next level!

In the last session, the group lost a combined weight of 63lbs in 6 weeks! Here's what they had to say about the program & Alesya:

"I've really enjoyed Alysha's Summer Slimmer classes, and hope that they can be continued. It's certainly made a positive impact on my routine as I wouldn't have thought that anything could get me out of bed on Saturday mornings, and yet here I am, wanting more. What I liked best was the combination of studio time and cycle/keiser time as it offered a lot of variety. Alysha is a very positive person and is very inspiring" - Maryann T.

"I've been enjoying Summer Slimmer. Alesya is one of the great instructors at the YW! She gives us 100% of her energy. I hope she will offer another great class after this one during this summer as well as in the fall & winter. Thank you." - Rachel E.
"Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the class on Saturdays - the Summer Slimmer. It has been a great addition to the personal training sessions - taking what I learn in the PT sessions to a full workout and a different level. Talking with some of the other participants after the class, they all seem to think the same thing - that it is a great workout to have on Saturdays and a great addition to what we do during the week - taking it to an all new level. I know for myself it is definitely an energy booster and keeps the momentum going for my fitness program - it has made a difference to my energy and strength level - a really great program. Each week has offered us something different - things we may not have done before - not always easy, for sure, but definitely a great workout." - Patricia J.