Summer of Change

Submitted by: Michelle Barbera

Susan's Success Story

Susan came to me at the beginning of the summer. She was down for vacation and had already started on a weight-loss and improved fitness journey. She attended my kettlebell classes on the beach, boot camp classes in the studio and saw me for one-on-one or small group personal training sessions. She upped her mileage on runs and improved her endurance doing hills and braving the summer heat.

Each time she came to class or training, she brought a smile and enthusiasm to get into even better shape. We saw her lose inches and define her muscles.

Toward the end of our time together, she wrote me the following: "I learned alot from you this summer. I can't thank you enough!!! Anyone who comes to you for training is lucky to have worked out with you and just to have met you.. I will miss you!!! I am grateful for all the time I spent with you . All the classes I have taken under your instruction. I encourage anyone that needs a trainer and lives nearby should go to MICHELLE BARBERA!!!!!!!.The best compliment is returning clients..Count me in for next summer..Morning slot!!!!"

Our last class together was Labor Day weekend. I'm planning a road trip to train her and a few friends. The energy from them is what all trainers love to see...sweat and smiles...doing something great for the bodies and minds. Afterall, it's ALL CONNECTED!


Susan Before


Susan After