Successful Rugby Player

Submitted by: Courtney Westwood

Mie's Success Story

Prior to working with Courtney, I hadn't had a whole lot of personal training. I did so much training with all my different sports that I didn't really need any. But as I began to work with her both in and out of the gym, I started to notice that I was getting injured less and, in field hockey as well as ice hockey and rugby, I could play both longer and harder during games thanks to my newly developed muscles. Courtney was constantly pushing my teammates and I in the gym and was able to tune our workouts to both our physical needs and what we would like to see our bodies do. Over the course of the two years I found that my body grew in strength. And even though I've now moved halfway across the world, I'm still using her program and it's still working wonders and keeping me in shape both on and off season. I really have her to thank for my body today because without her I don't think I would be where I am today and my level of fitness wouldn't be where it is either.

She trained with Courtney while going to school and playing sports at Brentwood College School. Currently playing rugby for St. Andrew's University in Scotland and club team Madras.