Successful Recovery Post Knee Replacement

Submitted by: Jody Kennett

A.H. Somejee Professor Emeritus's Success Story

After my knee replacement surgeries in Lions Gate Hospital, I was advised to continue with my physiotherapy exercises in West Vancouver's Rehabiliatation Centre. At the Centre the Personal Trainer who was assigned for that purpose was Ms Jody Kennett. And she supervised my rehabilitation for more than one year.

All along Jody was extremely careful in planning specific exercises for me as my recovery continued. Before each new exercise she took special care to explain what its purpose was and how it was going to benefit me. The persuasive way in which she explained it, and then special attention she paid to its implementation, were half the battle for me. Her words of constant encouragement, convincing me that I could not only do those exercises but also go to the next one, ehlped me to achieve the next target which she had carefully laid out for me. Almost every week she evaluated my work and came out with the next round of assignment. The result was that I was able to resume normal function of my knees. I owe my recovery, after a prolonged period of arthritic pain, as much to Jody as to the surgeon and his staff at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver. Without their help I would not have resumed a near normal life as I do now.

I have watched Jody help more serious cases than mine in the weight room and each time the individuals who received help from her expressed nothing but sincere gratitude.

Jody is, and will be, a great asset to any institution that she happens to serve. She has in her what it takes to build back the confidence and physiological functions of individuals who get help from her. I therefore wish her every success in work and career.