Studio Client Testimonials

Submitted by: Jill Stump

's Success Story

"Two years ago, I was a hopeless couch potato, who had difficulty motivating myself to get to the gym. My experience with a FitOne trainer has far exceeded my expectations. My trainer motivates me when I need it, is flexible with my schedule, educates me on body mechanics, pushes me harder than I would push myself, and overall, has made it an enjoyable, educational experience. For those with a motivation problem, sometimes just having an appointment helps you show up. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from a personal trainer. I plan to continue my sessions long after I reach my goals. My experience has been so positive, I have recommended to friends and family of all fitness levels to hire trainers."

FitOne Client-
32-year-old female works 65+ hours per week in the software development industry

"Thank you for pairing me up with my FitOne trainer. My trainer has been wonderful, you should be very proud to have her on your training staff."

FitOne Client

"Little did I know when I started working with a trainer 9 years ago, what a necessary part of my life it would become. Twice a week my trainer and I work on strength, balance and flexibility with very varied and fun workouts. I like how I feel and I am proud of how I look. Who knows- one day I may act my age but I hope not!"

FitOne Client -
68-year-old mother of 4 and grandmother of 5

"Thank you for training me. I’m looking forward to continued success under your guidance."

FitOne Client

"I have been working with a FitOne trainer for 3 years now and have only wonderful things to say about her. The first thing one must accept is her warm sense of humor, understanding, and love for her job - making others feel better. She has been a gift to this 45-year-old man. I own my own business, travel about a third of the year, plus I have cancer. My trainer has been through it all, making sure I work with my doctors and with her as we both work on keeping me in shape during the various treatments.

"The issue here is that I could go on and on. However, let it suffice to say that she is wonderful to work with since she takes a truly holistic approach to being in shape - physically and mentally."

FitOne Client-
45-year-old male, business owner with cancer

"Now with such great results, thanks to you, I’ll keep on our path. Thank you for being such a great trainer and person."

FitOne Client

"Upon discovering that I was pregnant, it was incredibly important to me to continue working with my trainer. Not only was I concerned about ensuring a safe workout during the pregnancy, working with a trainer has been instrumental in keeping my workouts consistent on the days when I was too tired to otherwise get to the gym. My trainer is well educated in keeping up with current fitness trends and goes out of her way to ensure that the exercises I am doing change with the different stages of my pregnancy to ensure a safe workout for both my baby and I."

FitOne Client-
26 –year-old expecting mother (1st time pregnancy)

"I have worked with a FitOne trainer for the past three years. My trainer has brought me to a level of fitness that I could not have achieved without her guidance and expertise. My trainer checks my form throughout each set to ensure I have proper from and alignment. She encourages those last reps and provides a spot with the right amount of assistance to gain additional strength and confidence. This has allowed me to gain strength and improve my posture. She alters my training on a regular basis to bring variety to my schedule. My trainer looks not only to train her clients but to educate them on fitness and nutrition as well. She keeps up with the latest fitness information and passes it on to her clients. I value her encouragement and appreciate not only her professionalism but her knowledge of fitness."