Stronger than ever

Submitted by: Kelly Itsell

Ava's Success Story

Ava came to Fitness You Live With over a year ago with no previous workout experience but with the goals in mind to build strength,increase balance, and lower her cholesterol because she refused to be on medications. A year later she has lowered her cholesterol through a few nutritional changes we have made to her program as well as increased her strength in numerous areas. She started off using 3-5lb weights and has now moved up to using 12-15lb weights on most exercises. She has gained so much confidence in her abilities and has even surprised herself a few times at what she is truly capable of. She has even gotten a few comments on her muscle definition in her arms and she can now flex a proud bicep muscle! She earned it! Ava has made a true commitment to her new lifestyle and sees the benefits of the changes she has made, she no longer finds the excuses of "I have no time" she actually makes time in her busy schedule of owning her own business to consistently get 2-3 workouts in per week. She also battles arthritis in both of her hands but she does not let that stop her and Fitness You can live with has developed workouts for her to do on those days when her hands are really giving her problems. It has been a pleasure working with Ava and watching her turn into a confident athlete!


Ava After