Stronger and more fit than before she had 3 kids!

Submitted by: Jeremy Dawkins

Jackie's Success Story

I have been working with Jeremy for almost five months. My original goal was to see Jeremy one on one a few times, lose some weight, gain some energy and improve my overall fitness level. Jeremy has far exceeded my expectations and my training with him will be ongoing. Not only is Jeremy an excellent trainer with an unbelievable amount of knowledge with regards to physical training, but he has focused on my overall health and my eating habits. I am sleeping better at night, I am stronger and more fit than I was before having my three kids and I get to eat five times a day (this is three or four times more than I did five months ago). At the pool with my kids last month, I was asked by a woman if I had the time and would be interested in working with her - as her trainer. Having someone ask me that after seeing me in a bathing suit only reinforced what I already knew, that what Jeremy has taught me works. I look and feel better than I thought I ever could and at 41, I feel great. I would highly recommend Jeremy as a personal trainer, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Jeremy.