Stroke Recovery

Submitted by: Brenda Fox

Angie's Success Story

Two years and five months ago I had a stroke at the age of 40. I was in the hospital for five weeks and lost lots of my muscle mass on my affected left side. Though I had daily therapy I remained weak. I learned to walk again but was very slow and not very balanced. I was having issues pulling my left leg through to step. My therapist and I agreed to shift our focus to my hand now that I was mobile. So my therapist had mentioned how another one of her patients gait had improved due to him working out and increasing his strength. So with that I decided to check out our local gym. And I chose New Millennium. This was the beginning of my metamorphosis. I was really afraid that no-one would be willing to work with me due to my issues, but Brenda took me on and boy she is my biggest cheer leader. We've worked since March 2011 and my strength in my legs is so improved and so has my walking. I'm a lot faster and more confident with each step. My therapist taught me the technique and Brenda helped me gain the tools to accomplish my goal. I'm not 100% yet, but have no doubt I will get there sooner than later, and working with Brenda has been a true inspiration for me. She is very positive and informational. I did not just gain a trainer I feel I gained a friend.

Thank you Brenda.