Story I

Submitted by: Tiago Gago

Gervásio's Success Story

I did choose Personal Trainers Algarve (PTA) because I wanted a trainer to motivate me to reach my fitness goals, and PTA seemed to have the most presence in the Algarve.

Before I was fairly active but since I hired a Personal Trainer my results have been more consistent.

It was a little difficult to adjust to the diet restrictions but now I am satisfied with the results I achieved! I improoved my eating habits and my sleeping pattern. I feel more energised and generally healthier. I also feel more confident about my posture and physical appearance.

Tiago is very helpful. He´s been patient with me and always encourages me to push myself to achieve better results every session. He also keeps me informed about my progress and is a great communicator.

The greatest advantages of this servisse is the great flexibility in terms of times and venues. It enables me to cater my training around a busy working schedule.

I already recommended this servisse and I will continue to do it.